Maryland State Police troopers made a vagina challenge coin in retaliation against complaints about racism

Maryland State Police officers have a tradition of making offensive challenge coins that denigrate women and minorities. Its newest challenge coin makes fun of the fact that people think their coins are awful. One side of the coin depicts a woman's rear end in thong underwear with the captions "GENERATION 'BUTT HURT'" and "I'm offended" while the other side depicts a vagina with the captions "The BIG GREEN Va'Geenie" and "These PUSSIES can't take A Pounding." One of the coins is listed on ebay for $500 (NSFW image). Both sides include the Maryland State Police insignia.

A Maryland State Police depicting a penis with the caption "Screwing TROOPERS Since 1921" is selling on ebay for $25 (NSFW IMAGE).

From NBC Washington:

Some African American troopers say the coin is retaliation against their complaints about alleged racism and discrimination within the department. Those complaints led to the superintendent testifying before the Maryland General Assembly's Legislative Black Caucus. 

"They are using the Maryland state brand to circulate these things, so something needs to be done, and it needs to be done now," said Rodney Morris, former president of the Coalition of Maryland State Troopers. 

Offensive challenge coins previously have circulated among Maryland State Police. There was the Make Waldorf Great Again coin last year. The department said two officers were found responsible and faced administrative action.