New bookstore owners discover secret subterranean room with tunnel down the street

The owners of the new shop Your Brother's Bookstore in Evansville, Indiana were replacing the floors before opening when they discovered a trapdoor under the floor boards. The trapdoor led to a room below the building that had access to a tunnel under the town's Main Street. The Evansville African American Museum thought it could have been part of the Underground Railroad but artifacts found below suggested otherwise. From 14News:

The owners say they found parts of a still, glass bottles, and even a table and chairs built into the wall they believe could have been part of a gambling den.

Vanderburgh County historian, Stan Schmitt, says this fits the area's prohibition history.

"Indiana went dry before Kentucky did, and so there was a year or so where there was a lot of stuff coming across the river," said Schmitt.

The owners of the bookstore say people from the museum took a few artifacts with plans to make 3D models of them, then the originals will come back and they will have a small museum-quality exhibit in the store.

image: lineartestpilot/Shutterstock