Rats given tiny backpacks and microphones and sent to rescue people trapped in earthquake rubble

Rats sure do get a bad rap. In truth, they are amazing creatures, incredibly smart, and highly affectionate. And in Tanzania, some rats are also currently in training to become "Hero Rats." These rats will eventually be sent into earthquake rubble to find survivors; the rats will wear tiny backpacks with built-in microphones so rescue teams can communicate with survivors trapped in rubble. 

From The Daily Mail:

Research scientist Dr Donna Kean, 33, from Glasgow, has been working in Morogoro, Tanzania over the past year for non-profit organisation APOPO on the project titled 'Hero Rats.'

The team is constructing specialist backpacks with in-built microphones, video gear and location trackers able to be fitted on to rats to allow rescue teams to communicate with survivors during real earthquakes.

These rats are working overtime. Check out this cuteness overload.