Caught on film: a 12-year-old fires gun to show cashier he is serious about robbing her store

This armed robbery of a convenience store by a 12-year-old in Hartford, Michigan is wrong on just about every level. Guns are simply too easy to come by, this one was apparently his grandfather's.


A 12-year-old boy fired a gun while robbing a gas station in Michigan Wednesday, according to police, and the wild incident was caught on video.

Surveillance footage shared by police shows the middle school student standing near the front register and firing one round into the air.

According to police, the clerk ended up handing over a bag containing $5,000 in cash.

The boy was arrested just a few blocks away from the store. He reportedly told officers he took the gun from his father's locked safe.

Authorities say the boy faces a long list of charges, and may be tried as an adult.

Yahoo Sports:

The gun used in the robbery belongs to the boy's grandfather, who he lives with and is his legal guardian, according to Lt Prince. He had reportedly retrieved the firearm from his grandfather's safe, where it was loaded with two magazines.

Hartford Police confirmed to News Channel 13 that the grandfather was unaware the child could access the safe.

"Every day I'm seeing something new at this job. I've been a full-time police officer for 38 years. What really flabbergasted me is that he showed no emotion," Lt Prince told WZZM 13.

"He told us he didn't do it for the money. He said he would've thrown the money into the sewer. He wouldn't give us an explanation why he did it."

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