How will England respond to Queen Elizabeth's passing?

To quote one of the most influential mentors I've ever had in life, Son Goku once said, "all things must pass, Vegeta, even the dragon balls." Now, I want to clarify that I do not wish ill on Queen Elizabeth II or her family. Nor am I writing this to express displeasure with her reign or anything. But if we're all being honest about the recent Platinum Jubilee, everybody's wondering, even if only slightly, how many more years does good old queen Bess have left? 

You can't help but think about it when you hear that she's been on the throne for 70 years. However, the next logical question becomes—especially for most Americans—is what happens next? We all know Prince Charles is waiting in the wings, but how will the country react? Is the media already prepared? And what will happen to all of the money with Elizabeth's face floating around the commonwealth? Thankfully, the video embedded above from Business Insider has the answers.