These on-sale drones are ready for a host of summertime fun

It's true. What animals do in their personal time is none of our business. But alas, fish have to swim, birds have to fly (and sleep, apparently), and humans have to be nosey. Speaking of our aviary friends, have you ever wanted to see how they're doing? Maybe check in on traffic or what's happening at the block party?

You can do all those things with one of these certified refurbished drones. And, by the way, there's no coupon needed. Just check out and swipe one up for yourself! 

Vivitar VTI Skyhawk Foldable Drone – Grey (Certified Refurbished) – $129; originally $149

The Vivitar VTI Skyhawk Foldable Drone is anything but you're old run-of-the-mill, one minute up and one minute down drone. For starters, you get a fly time of an incredible 16 minutes and 1,000 feet max range, making this baby a cut above the rest. The 1080p camera allows you to record and stream videos of anything you see way up high, and the built-in GPS is an incredible navigation buddy.

You can follow your drone through an app that allows you to see what you've got going on up there without climbing the trees yourself. Sounds like a lot of trouble that can be saved with a terrific new toy, if you ask us.

Vivitar VTI Phoenix Foldable Drone – Grey (Certified Refurbished) – $159; originally $249

Not to be outdone, the Vivitar VTI Phoenix Foldable Drone brings its own set of unique qualities to the party. The Phoenix has a miraculous 2048 x 1152p video resolution camera with 180 degrees articulated view, so nothing gets missed above the rooftops. And, with an unprecedented 32-minute approximate total flight time, you can hang out in the atmosphere for a pretty long time, scoping out the sun and other off-ground discoveries.

Like the Skyhawk, the Phoenix also has a pretty nifty GPS that controls the auto-return home feature, altitude hover, and location lock function, so you never have to wonder where your little buddy went. Don't leave home without knowing what you're up against down the street when you get a bird's eye view.

Prices subject to change.