Male host of Young Women's Leadership Summit instructs attendees to be attracted to guest Kyle Rittenhouse

There's nothing that young women leaders like more than to be told by a man what kind of man they should be attracted to. Thankfully, there was a man at the Young Women's Leadership Summit telling them what kind of man they should be attracted to, and he even had MAGA heartthrob Kyle Rittenhouse on stage as the exemplar of the kind of man they should be attracted to.

I wonder if any of the young women leaders who were being instructed to be attracted to Kyle Rittehouse read the article in the August 30, 2020 edition of The Journal Times of Racine, Wisconsin, which posted videos of a "teen identified as Rittenhouse.. [who] appears to land several punches on the female in sweatpants as another male nearby tries unsuccessfully to hold Rittenhouse back."

Snopes says the claim that the teen in the video is Rittenhouse is unproven. "While we can't say definitively that this person is Rittenhouse," says Snopes, "there is plenty of circumstantial evidence to support this claim."

Here's one piece of circumstantial evidence: red, white, and blue clogs.

Here are the videos:

Snopes conclusion:

Comparing visuals from the video and known photographs of Rittenhouse also seems to show that this is the same person. Of course, more than one person can own the same style of shoe, and identifying a person based solely on visual comparisons isn't always accurate. 

To sum things up, videos taken in July 2020 appear to show Rittenhouse punching a woman during an altercation in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Both videographers identified Rittenhouse as the man in the red and blue shorts. However, this identification appears to be based on visual comparisons and circumstantial evidence, so while this video most likely shows Rittenhouse, we can't say with certainty that this isn't another person who resembles the 17-year-old accused of shooting and killing two people at a protest.