Trailer out for dark comedy treat The Menu

One aspect of horror films that I can't help but enjoy is how effortlessly the genre can tackle any subject. On the one hand, you can get specific and use subgenres- such as body and cosmic horror- to offer unique stories. Or, you can take a mundane setting or object and distort it into disturbing dimensions with a keen eye and mind behind the camera. We all know about the laundry list of strange phobias that humans can potentially suffer from. In my mind, the best horror directors know how to effectively implant their unusual phobia into your brain for the duration of their film. 

If the prospect of horror films with unconventional settings sounds enticing, the trailer linked above is probably right up your alley. Featuring the talents of Anya Taylor-Joy as the film's protagonist, The Menu looks like an intense and gripping black comedy horror that will keep you asking questions until the very end. In addition to Taylor-Joy, the film also boasts Nicholas Hoult, John Leguizamo, and Ralph Fiennes.