Disneyland Paris worker ruins marriage proposal

Although Paris is the City of Love, Disneyland Paris is the Kingdom of Ruined Marriage Proposals.

This video shows a man and woman standing on a platform with Fantasyland's princess castle in the background. Taking a knee, he offers a small black box, the kind that holds engagement rings. As the woman looks surprised and excited, she puts her hands to her mouth. From out of nowhere, a Disney employee appears just when the man is about to pop the question. The mouse-ear staffer sprints across the stage and runs right between the startled couple, grabbing the diamond box before running down the steps. His confused victims follow him down the steps.

The worker hands the box back to the man and says, "Yes, that's great, but over here will be even better." Unfortunately, it will not be even better, since the couple is now at the bottom of the steps against the fence, a much less romantic location than the platform. What a bummer!

Disneyland Paris has since apologized for the weird interruption.

From Yahoo News:

A spokesperson for Disney says the theme park has since communicated with the couple and apologized.

"We regret how this was handled," a Disney spokesperson told Newsweek. "We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right."