Gladiator 2: the best unmade movie of all time

Sequels have it rough. If the creative team behind the sequel for a successful movie plays things too safely and barely deviates from the original film, fans become disenchanted with the franchise. Paradoxically, if a sequel veers too far from the original- either in tone or plot- fans are equally unkind to the movie. Very few sequels can shift genres or tones without losing their fanbase entirely. That's why I often regard Aliens as the best sequel ever made, as it ditches the traditional horror elements that made the original a classic. However, there was one potential sequel that aimed to be as divergent as Aliens was to Alien

In the video embedded above, JoBlo's YouTube channel talks about the legendary and unmade Gladiator 2. If you're not familiar with the history or premise of this wacky potential sequel, please grab some refreshments, tuck in, and listen to one of the wildest ideas that Hollywood ever had.