Husband divorces wife because she would only cook him instant noodles for all meals

In Mysuru, India, a judge reflected on a recent case in which a husband and wife divorced because "the husband said his wife did not know how to prepare any food other than Maggi (instant) noodles."

"It was noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner," Judge ML Raghunath said the man told him. "He complained that his wife went to the provision store and brought only instant noodles."

The divorce was mutual consent. Bet he's now cooking himself instant noodles.

From the New Indian Express:

"Divorce cases are increasing drastically over the years. Couples have to stay together for at least a year before seeking divorce. If there was no such law, there would be divorce petitions filed directly from wedding halls," he said.

Courts have received divorce cases by couples just a day after their marriage, for not talking with the partner, for putting salt on the wrong side of the plate, for stitching the wrong colour wedding suit, for not taking the wife out and other such reasons.

Sounds to me that the real box to tick here is: "jackass husband."