Gentleman vandalized statue of Betwitched's Samantha in Salem

On Monday in Salem, Mass, a man took red paint to the town's iconic statue of Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha from the classic 1960s TV show Betwitched. The statue was installed in 2005 amid controversy that it trivializes the tragic 1692 witch trials leading to the hanging of 19 women with other dying in jail. The vandal, 32, was arrested and charged with defacing property, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. From the Associated Press:

The suspect, who was "going through a rough time and wanted to do something to get arrested" according to a prosecutor, was held on $500 bail at Tuesday's arraignment. His attorney said he has been living in a shelter for two weeks since his marriage ended, and has been looking for a new job.

"In between meetings, was disappointed to hear the Bewitched Samantha statute downtown was vandalized," Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll tweeted Monday night. "I'm grateful to (Salem police) for their quick work apprehending the individual responsible. We'll work to get the statue cleaned, as fast as a twitch of Samantha's nose."