Jason Alexander on why we must watch the J6 hearings

Comedian Jason Alexander, known for his role as the hilariously lazy and insecure George Costanza in Seinfeld, has made a PSA-style video (see below) urging people to pay attention to the January 6 hearings. Sponsored by Meidas Touch, the comedian says he isn't able to find a "comedic button" when it comes to January 6th, so he plays it straight.

After recapping the horrors of the insurrection that took place at the Capitol, he says, "We don't really know the story because we haven't been privy to it." Until now – or tomorrow, that is — when the J6 hearings start, which he encourages everybody to watch.

"There's nothing more important you can to, there's nothing more patriotic you can do, regardless of your party affiliation," than to watch the hearings, which will be all over television and the internet, he continues. "No matter how much you want it to go away, it won't go away until we fully understand it."