The fourth episode of Obi-Wan

I woke up early, because like Obi-Wan I'm not staying up late in my 50s, but I urgently wanted to watch this show. The episode gives you some of the "Obi is coming back" that you are looking for, while mostly just carrying the story forward to its obvious and anticipated conclusion. Obi will find his way back to the force, remind Vader he is "but the learner" for the last time, and Leia will get her hair styled into buns.

Episode four shares a metric ton of silent easter eggery for folks who like to guess which Jedi are dead or alive. As a media property, "Obi-Wan" is a massive opportunity for Disney to act like they are answering unresolved questions while opening a ton of new doors for future content. In showing us some of what resides in the bowels of Fortress Inquisitorius the writers have displayed dozens of shapes and silhouettes for fans to match with known identities, and plenty of room to speculate on names to the unknown faces. We now know what happened to another one of those kids from the top of Episode 1.

Leia continues to be wonderful. Obi-Wan is becoming Obi-Wan, but the star of this episode is Indira Varma's Tala.

The T-47's were cool.