The trailer for the Martin reunion is here

When I sit back and think about the sheer number of sitcoms from the 80s and 90s, my head starts to spin. I'm not one of those Millenials that has since turned my nose up at the concept of traditional sitcoms in favor of their modern equivalents and mockumentaries, but I still can't believe how many sitcoms used to exist. Case in point. I have never met a Mr. Belvedere or Wings fan in real life. Like Bigfoot, I know they exist but are equally elusive. 

Within the sea of 90s situational comedies, the debate for the era's king usually comes down to two shows. Seinfeld is generally regarded as the best to most fans, whereas most Black fans favor Martin. As a sophisticate, I lean towards Boy Meets World and The Wayans Bros, but I digress. 

BET +, looking to jump on the streaming service reunion bandwagon, released the trailer for their new Martin reunion. The cast even goes so far as to allude to a potential reboot of the beloved series.