Check My Ads makes it easy to defund Fox News online

Adtech watchdog Check My Ads, which launched a successful campaign to convince major advertisers to stop running commercials on the insurrectionist propaganda machine Fox News, is now setting its sights on

As Check My Ads explains in this video, advertisers aren't aware that their ads are running on, and if enough people tell them, most of them will tell the ad exchange companies to stop running their ads there.

Check My Ads has made it simple to raise awareness with pre-written templates and email addresses of ad exchange executives.

From Check My Ads:

We believe in two inalienable rights:

1. Fox News has every right to publish lies.

2, Ad exchanges have a right and an obligation to advertisers to kick Fox News out of their network.

Here at Check My Ads, we already have the ball rolling. Ad exchanges have dropped Dan Bongino, Steve Bannon, Charlie Kirk, Tim Pool and Glenn Beck — all people who profited from telling The Big Lie — all thanks to emails sent out by people like you.