Cincinnati cop got "PURE EVIL" tattooed on knuckles

Eric Weyda, 50, a police officer in Cincinnati, had the words "PURE EVIL" tattooed on his knuckles, reports The Enquirer. They first reassigned him "to limit his exposure to the public", then fired him. Police are prohibited from acquiring new tattoos after being hired, according to a police department spokesperson, who said Weyda was fired for "failure of good behavior and insubordination following an internal investigation."

While he was working at the impound lot, the department received a complaint from a city vendor regarding Weyda's tattoos, according to the report. … "Quite simply, a police officer's hands should be seen a symbol of safety and security rather than a provocative message of depravity and harm," Capt. Craig Gregoire wrote in a pre-disciplinary hearing summary.