Discovery's 'Dr. Delirium & the Edgewood Experiments' has me intrigued

Part of Discovery's Undiscovered program, Dr. Delirium & the Edgewood Experiments is an 80-minute documentary covering a 20-year experiment by the US Army of test psychoactive drugs on its own troops.


From 1955 to 1975, the United States Army Chemical Corps conducted classified human subject research on thousands of soldiers at the Edgewood Arsenal facility in Maryland. The purpose was to evaluate the impact of potent, mind-altering chemical warfare on military personnel as an alternative to traditional mortal combat. Today, many of those soldiers believe that the military broke the law and engaged in a decades-long cover-up to hide the truth about what really happened at the Edgewood Arsenal. Through shocking, never-before-seen footage of the drug experiments, along with exclusive, first-hand accounts from both the mastermind behind the research and the soldiers who participated in it, Dr. Delirium & The Edgewood Experiments will uncover the true story of one of the most bizarre and controversial chapters in recent American history.

Image: Screen grab