Disney's Strange World looks like a great throwback

I love intentionally atavistic entertainment. And I don't mean atavistic from the lens of irony, mind you. I like work that tries to modernize the tropes and genres that used to captivate millions of people. Take the film The Artist, for example. Through a meticulous process of heightening the most memorable aspects of silent films with modern technology, a new generation gets to interface with old media in the way their ancestors did: genuinely. A few gentle ribs may be directed at the cobwebs the tropes have accrued over time, but they're delivered with love as opposed to irony. 

The trailer for Disney's new animated film Strange World hopefully promises a similar experience for fans of retrofuturistic science fiction. The trailer linked above features the vocal talents of Jake Gyllenhaal and looks like a loving send-up to the comics and b-movies that imagined the year 2000 being replete with jet packs and hover cars. Sign me up for this one yesterday.