Listen to Tenacious D perform a medley inspired by The Who

I wore my copy of Tenacious D's self-titled debut down to the bone in my teen years. You could wake me up from a medically induced coma and ask me to sing Double Team, word for word, without fudging a lyric, and I could nail the feat with little effort. Despite loving the album on its own merits, Jack Black's two-pronged approach to fame in the early 2000s guaranteed that my heart would be ensnared by the D one way or another. 

As I was discovering Tenacious D, Jack Black's School of Rock became a family favorite in my house. The roster of bands mentioned in the film piqued my curiosity and caused me to immerse myself in rock history. I guess it's fair to say that Jack Black introduced me to the broader world of rock. Consequently, the video linked above tickles my dual fandom of The Who and Tenacious D to no end.