Lost boy, 3, found safe after two days alone in rural Montana where mountain lions and bears roam and severe thunderstorms raged

Ryker Webb, age 3, spent Friday through Sunday lost and alone in a part of rural Montana where mountain lions and bears roam. On the night he vanished, the temperatures dropped into the 40s and severe thunderstorms raged. Fortunately, Webb found an old shed near a cabin about 2.5 miles from his home and weathered the weekend there. Apparently the owners checked on their cabin and heard the boy's voice. According to Today, "the little boy shared that he went for a long walk by himself and then he got tired." From Today:

Ryker was taken to Cabinet Peaks Medical Center for evaluation, but has since been discharged. The case is still open, [Lincoln County Sheriff Darren] Short said. He said authorities want to know why Ryker's parents waited "at least two hours" to report him missing.

"We're still looking into why he disappeared, and why he wasn't being watched closely," Short said.