Marjorie Taylor Greene says news coverage of J6 hearings is "collusion" that should be "held accountable"

"It's all fake!" the GQP's Marjorie Taylor Greene says about the Jan. 6 hearings, which haven't even started yet (they start tonight). Isn't that what guilty people do — accuse the accuser with a preemptive strike?

Greene tries to turn the J6 tables by accusing the bipartisan House committee of lying (see video below). She then accuses the media of conspiring, and suggests they should face consequences.

Of course her indoctrinated MAGA fans are already suspicious of the "fake" press, of which former reality-show host Donald Trump egregiously called "the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!" in order to cover his own tracks. Now she is using the same strategy.

"They're wanting to create a great big lie for Americans, and the media is going along with them …" the desperate Q-peddler said. "It's all fake! So shame on them, and shame on anyone – any media company – that's willing to air their lies."

And then her stomach-churning conclusion: "I think that's collusion," she said of the media. "And I think they should be held accountable as well."