Marjorie Taylor Greene's new whacko theory: Liz Cheney is an undercover mole

Conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene outdoes herself once again, whipping up one heck of a potboiler that gives her Jewish space laser phantasy a run for its money. When fretting about the Jan. 6 hearings, Georgia's delusional Qnut is now spilling the magical beans about Liz Cheney's convoluted plot to take the Democrats down. (See video below.)

"I have to tell you, Democrats, boy you are gettin' fooled. You're gettin' fooled by Liz Cheney," she reveals, spoiling her colleague's alleged scheme. "She's the one leading this thing and tearing your party down. And you all are letting her do it. … She is ruining your chances for re-election in November."

The plot thickens when she imagines that MAGA Republicans in office, who have treated the Wyoming congresswoman like a pariah since she defended democracy over Trump's Big Lie, have secretly been behind Cheney and her crafty ruse this whole time.

"Is it an irony that she hasn't been kicked out of our GOP conference? That should bother you if you're a Democrat," Marge cautions.

"And if you're one of my Democrat colleagues, you should really worry about your election chances in November, and the very person you should be blaming is Liz Cheney — especially while all you Democrats are trying to help her get reelected in Wyoming," she adds, embellishing the grand finale with a nonsensical twist. "I guess you all haven't thought about that very much." Nope, can't say we have.

Wow, that's some complicated grift that would be hard for even a coordinated deep state operation to pull off, let alone a bunch of unhinged nincompoops.