The Brady Bunch sing "American Pie"

I unironically like the Brady Bunch's version of "American Pie." It's from Meet the Brady Bunch (1972), the pop group's second studio release.

Other songs on the album include:

  • We'll Always Be Friends
  • Day After Day
  • Baby I'm-A Want You
  • Believe In You
  • Time To Change
  • Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
  • I Just Want To Be Your Friend
  • Love My Life Away
  • Come Run With Me
  • Ain't In Crazy
  • We Can Make The World A Whole Lot Brighter

Also recommended: The Kids from the Brady Bunch, which is the group's third studio album, also from 1972. It features cover versions of The Beatles' "Love Me Do," and Chicago's "Saturday in the Park"

Happy Friday!

[via r/ObscureMedia]