Acapella of Nintendo sound effects

When it comes to the subject of acapella music, I think Mr. Marshall Mathers said it best. In "three verses," his acclaimed treatise on verbal evisceration, Mr. Mathers claimed that he was "more towards droppin' an acapella that'll chop a fella To Mozzarella, worse than a helicopter propeller." If you pay close attention, the stanza alludes to the destructive power of the acapella performance. In the wrong hands, the art of acapella becomes the auditory equivalent of DDT. 

In another excerpt from a separate discussion on the principles of an acapella assault, Mr. Mathers used the lethal variant of this vocal discipline to render a fellow scholar speechless. 

However, I'm not here to talk about the destructive power of acapella; I want to talk about how it can also soothe the soul. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Maytree uses its unique acapella stylings to recreate the nostalgic sound effects of Nintendo consoles. Please listen responsibly, friends.