Here's an awesome fan-animated Lord of the Rings short film

The unbridled passion and creativity of artistic fans is one of my favorite elements of the internet. Whether it's fan fiction or cosplays, the level of talent possessed by "everyday folks" that aren't directly affiliated with their favorite IP is always impressive. However, as a lifelong fan of animation, I'll always have a soft spot for quality fan art. More times than not, these fan projects carry unique energy that even the most expensive studio can't duplicate. 

It took me a little while to get into the Lord of the Rings as a franchise. I actually came into the series through my love of The Hobbit, but now that I'm a fan of everything related to Middle Earth, I'm always prowling the net for new content associated with the series. Until Amazon's The Rings of Power drops later this year on September 2nd, the video linked above will have to pacify my fantasy fix.