Generate secure passwords and keep your current ones secure for $25

From your music streaming subscriptions and bank accounts to your work laptop, passwords unlock the most vital things in our lives. Unfortunately, that's a mess to track unless you're exceptionally organized or have some intricate communication system for your passwords and logins. If you aren't, you might deal with many forgotten unique passwords, annoying security questions, and botched password retrieval attempts. Not to mention, managing your passwords incorrectly is impractical and unsafe. 

That's where a password manager like Enpass can help. This app is like a secure digital storage vault for all your login information, so you won't have to write dozens of codes down or use the same one for each of your accounts. Individual Plan subscriptions usually cost $79, but you can purchase one on sale for $24.99 during our Father's Day sale, which ends June 19.

What sets Enpass apart is that none of your password information — meaning any of your important dates, familiar catchphrases, or other personal info — is stored on the company's servers. Instead, each and every login is stored on your device, and you can sync across your devices using your personal cloud storage account.

Enpass sorts through the passwords you already have and determines which are weak, redundant, or already compromised somewhere across the internet. In addition, each piece of information you keep with Enpass is encrypted.

Plus, Enpass can create robust, complex, and random passwords to secure your new digital accounts and strengthen your current ones. After you generate those passwords, your details will automatically fill in on individual websites, and you'll receive alerts when websites are involved in a cyber breach. It's no wonder Enpass received rave reviews on the App Store (4.4 out of 5 stars), Trustpilot (4.4/5), and VPN Pro (9.1/10). 

Stressing over creating complex passwords, finding a way to remember them, or keeping your credit card login information safe? Enpass Password Manager can handle it for you, and Individual Plans are on sale now for $24.99 during our Father's Day sale. 

Prices subject to change.