Does your perception of this optical illusion tell you something about your personality?

Above is "Windy day. Claude Monet," a 2012 painting by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak. An "ambiguous image" optical illusion, there are four distinct images within the painting. According to Indy100, the image you see first reflects your personality:

If you spotted the older gentleman's face first, your most charming personality trait is the insight that you bring….

If the woman with the broken umbrella is the first thing you see, people think that your sense of humour is your most charming trait….

If your eyes first gravitated towards the woman working with the umbrella, your most charming personality trait is your positive attitude and outlook….

If you spotted the flowers first, your sensitivity is your most charming trait, which people can't get enough of.

I'm skeptical of the above, but it is a fantastic optical illusion. You can see more of Shupliak's "Hidden Images" paintings on his site.