A dog accidentally starts a fire in the house after checking out the stove (video)

Security footage shows a dog poking around the family kitchen in Missouri, probably hoping for some tasty scraps, when it stands on two legs to check out a greasy pan sitting on the stove. The video below then cuts to the stove bursting into flames as the dog obliviously walks into another part of the house.

According to UPI, the dog inadvertently turned on the stove, and the time it took for the greasy pan to catch fire was about eight minutes. Fortunately nobody was home at the time, and the dog — along with its canine buddy — were not injured. The house, however, had extensive damage, which the homeowners wanted to share to make other pet owners aware of what can happen when a kitchen isn't kid, er, dog-proofed. (See video and photos below.)

Images: Southern Platte Fire