Upgrade your smoke breaks with this unique glass device

Here's something every smoker knows: While the quality of the product you're enjoying is crucial, the item you're smoking out of also plays a vital role in the enjoyment factor. For many smokers, that means it's necessary to find the perfect tool.

That's where the Twisty Glass Slim comes in. This tobacco smoking gadget isn't just sleek and stylish; it also makes for a more satisfying pull. Basically, because of its cool-pull technology, it provides a fresher, smoother hit, and it's available now for just $39.99. No coughing fits or burning throats! Instead, you'll be treated to pure bliss from a smooth smoking session. 

This device is also easy to load with tobacco, so no more struggling with rolling papers or tossing out cheaply-made cigarettes. And while we love the Twisty Glass Slim's design because of how functional it is, we just love how it looks, too! There's something simply so elegant about this slender glass design!

More to love about the Twisty Glass Slim: It can hold 1.3 grams of your favorite herb, so you can easily share it with friends. If you can't finish all 1.3 grams, don't worry. You can put the caps on, which will keep it fresh until the next time you're ready to smoke. You don't have to stress about any lingering tobacco smell either, as the caps are smell-resistant.

Please keep in mind that the Twisty Glass Slim is only made for tobacco use. You must be 21 or older to purchase it.

Upgrade the way you smoke with the Twisty Glass Slim, available now for $39.99. Considering how luxe and beautiful this little device looks — and what an amazing, peaceful smoke it provides — that's a bargain!

Prices subject to change.