Futurama voice actors killing it in the booth

When Futurama first hit the airwaves, I never thought the series would be as pivotal to my development as it became. Episodes like Jurrasic Bark helped me learn how to work through grief with humor and grace. For a large swath of my teen years, Futurama wasn't just a funny show to me; it was a series that made me feel. When the Futurama got the proverbial ax at Fox, I thought it would be relegated to the annals of animation history, but like its protagonist, Fry, the show can't stay in the past. 

At this point, Futurama's revival is old news. However, the fallout from series mainstay John Dimaggio holding out on joining the reboot for a bump in pay is still incredibly relevant. The idea of a Futurama without Bender, or any of the cast, is unfathomable. If you need proof of how indispensable each actor is, check out the video of the Planet Express crew running their lines linked above.