Joe Brown is living his best life cooking food on his car dashboard in Arizona's blast furnace heat

I live in Arizona. And it's hot. Like, really hot. Like, stupidly hot. Like, oppressively, infuriatingly, mind-blowingly hot. The Southwestern United States has recently been experiencing record-breaking heat waves. On Saturday, June 11, 2022, Phoenix broke 114 degrees, which tied a record set in 1918

While most of us are suffering in this awful heat, Gilbert, AZ (a suburb of Phoenix) resident Joe Brown is living his best life, having recently found internet fame through his TikTok videos that feature him cooking food on his car dashboard, which regularly measures 225 degrees or more. So far he's melted jelly beans, and successfully cooked macaroni and cheese, pumpkin pie, and NY strip steak, among many other things. 

I've never cooked in my car. But several years ago I made the dumb decision to climb on top of my house in the summer, and within minutes my flip-flops had melted and adhered themselves to the roof. (Did I mention it's a dry heat?)


Reply to @yeat4kt is it hot enough to cook a new york strip steak in my car? #steak #foryou

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