Lord of the Rings' Gandalf, the Autocomplete interview

The internet is responsible for a ton of negativity in the world. However, watching fandoms flourish because of how easily the net allows passionate people to connect might outweigh the web's unsavory aspects. Before the internet, finding other humans interested in your specific subculture or hobby was difficult enough. Discovering content supplemental content that helped enrich your experience with the hobby of your choice was even more unlikely. 

I can't tell you the number of fan-made YouTube video essays and content about comic books, movies, and fantasy I've consumed over the years. Outside of the educational end of YouTube, the platform also has a humorous side. When fantasy novel YouTuber Daniel Greene isn't reviewing celebrated books in the genre, or writing his own, he crafts hilarious videos about the creators and characters in the fantasy genre. In the embedded video, Greene plays Gandalf doing a Wired autocomplete interview.