Things go where they must as Obi-Wan's foregone conclusion looms

The fifth and penultimate episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi pretty much delivered what everyone knew it had to, with few added surprises. All the story elements people kind of care about but aren't really core to the story got wrapped up because they needed to be mostly wrapped up. Next week we get sort of what they've been promising with a twist that won't be.

This post is slightly more spoiler-y than the last few.

Characters I wished we'd seen more of are taken away from us. Characters whom I didn't really care if they were that youngling or not, are that youngling. Characters who have problems with their head still have head problems, and characters I'd hoped we were done with are back cracking-wise. All of it to finally heighten the stakes beyond the initial episode's "the child has been stolen" storyline. Somehow, twice as much child needs Old Ben.

They must have been desperate for some plot device, and Luke was the writer's only hope.

The flashback is pretty silly and looks like there was no de-aging technology employed. While the device serves to narrate the episode– as Vader is also playing this flashback in his head, the outcome ought to be different. Also, the actors just looked comically out of time and place to me. Flashing back to an animated Obi/Ani could have been better.

I am very much looking forward to the finale. Adventures of Young Leia would be a lot of fun without being locked into the rails of where this Obi-Wan/Vader story has to go.

Saddest but best thermal detonator ever.