Very stable geniuses are blaming 10,000 cattle heat deaths on President Biden, who apparently poisoned them to force us to eat "fake toxic meat"

A TikTok video ostensibly showing footage of thousands of dead cattle, accompanied by a dark, instrumental version of the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)," is currently making the rounds on social media. According to Progressive Farmer, approximately 10,000 head of cattle in a Kansas feedlot have died in the last few days from the excessive heatwaves sweeping across the country. That is tragic, and exactly the kind of thing we can continue to expect from temperatures that are going to just keep rising due to climate change. 

Logic and belief in climate change don't come easy to right-wing conspiracy theorists, however. In such circles on Truth Social, Facebook, and Instagram, climate-change-fueled heat waves had nothing to do with these deaths. 

On Instagram, one wag declared that hot weather was a "simplistic explanation." (Well, they're right, it IS a simplistic explanation, Occam's razor and all…).

Instead, folks are theorizing that this is Joe Biden's bioterrorism. Apparently, Joe Biden had these cattle poisoned as part of the Green New Deal, and in order to force everyone to eat Bill Gates' "fake toxic meat."

Over on Truth Social, these cattle weren't killed by heat, but rather, somehow, by Marxism.

Or, again, this is a plot by Joe Biden to increase food shortages. 

And of course, there are references to Q, who "warned us" about "watching the water."

The lengths people go to in order to deny the very real and dire effects of climate change astounds me.