Watch Woodward and Bernstein compare Nixon to Trump, "the first seditious president of the United States"

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the break-in at Democratic National Committee headquarters in DC's Watergate Office Building that ultimately led to the resignation of disgraced President Richard Nixon. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the legendary journalists that broke the story of political espionage and sabotage, are releasing a new edition of their essential book about the Watergate scandal—All the President's Men. To celebrate, the two reporters appeared on the Late Show for an interview during which they compared Trump to Nixon.

"Richard Nixon was a criminal president who tried to undermine the very basis of our democracy, the electoral system," Bernstein said. "Then you have Donald Trump, who also tried to undermine the electoral system but went farther. He staged a coup to prevent the peaceful transfer of power to the duly elected successor Joe Biden, who was elected fairly and freely. And then we have in this coup attempt the first seditious president of the United States."