Be the life of the party everywhere you go with the Muff 'Spender

If you like to live by the phrase "work hard, play hard," then Muff Waders has the perfect product for you. This lifestyle brand was started by Taylor "Earl" Nees, who defines himself as a simple man who enjoys "fishing, hunting, playing sports, drinking beer, chasing girls, and loving life." He and his business partner Garret "Buddy" Lamp love having a great time and first invented the Muff Waders drinking overalls featured on an episode of Shark Tank

After the overalls came the Muff 'Spender: a more simplistic but extremely useful product for the drinking enthusiast, and it's available for just $50. Made out of tough material and heavy-duty clips, the Muff' Spender are suspenders with two insulated pockets per strap. They hold 12oz cans or bottles, a magnetic Muff koozie to carry an additional drink, a metal bottle opener, and a small utility pocket — talk about versatility and convenience!

Along with the insulated pockets, the small utility pocket can hold everything from lighters, cigars, pens, pocket knives, and more, making it more than just a drink holder. The Muff 'Spender comes in black, navy, and a stars and stripes pattern, so you can style it for any occasion and gift it to all the party animals in your life. You can wear it during outdoor activitiesbarbecues, weddings, tailgates, pool parties, or even errands around the house. The possibilities are endless! 

You can use the Muff 'Spender time and time again and never be empty-handed. Take it from this delighted verified customer who shared, "I got the USA 'spenders. I love them. I can do yard work with a couple shandys on my person, then pull a Churchill out of the utility pocket and fire it up. Now all my neighbors do is speculate about how much tail I'm slaying." 

Never go out of style and bring the fun wherever you are with Muff 'Spenders, now available for just $50

Prices subject to change.