Life can get busy, but SeaBear can satisfy your appetite anywhere you go

When you live your life on the go, finding time to cook is challenging. You might resort to unhealthy and unappetizing snacks just to make it through the day. It doesn't have to be that way, though. You can devour quality meals that require barely any prep. In fact, you can even have great seafood wherever you are.

SeaBear's 6-Pack Ready To Eat Sampler provides precisely that. It's a tasty pack of seafood that's ready to eat as soon as you open up the pouch. The fish is absolutely delicious and fully cooked, boneless, skinless, and lightly flaked. Plus, SeaBear prides itself on sourcing fresh seafood from the Washington area, so you can be sure the fish you're consuming is quality. In the sampler platter, you get Sockeye, Smoked Sockeye, Pink, Lemon Pepper Pink, Smoked Idaho Trout, and Smoked Atlantic Bellies, so you also have a wide variety to try. (Don't you just love samplers?)

Each portion of fish — which comes in at 3.5 ounces — is kept vacuum sealed in a pouch where it cooks in its own juices and is thus kept preserved naturally. No refrigeration is needed! Therefore, this fish isn't just great for a tasty lunch on the move. It also makes for a lovely meal while camping or hiking. With a shelf life of approximately four years, it's also suitable for any emergency kits or pantry stocking.

You don't have to just chow down on the fish as is, either. The recipe booklet with this sampler platter will give you plenty of creative and unique ways to make a great seafood meal.

Best of all, despite being quality seafood, SeaBear's 6-Pack isn't expensive. Right now, it's $39.99 — 24% off its usual price of $52.99.

Prices subject to change.