After killing the mentally ill man she was called to help, cop complains "well, guess I'm losing my gun again"

A portrait of impunity and indifference: after killing Michael Trappett, the mentally ill man she was summoned to help, Sheriff's deputy Brittany Brokop is annoyed at the realization she will not be allowed to carrying a gun for a while. But don't worry, Idaho! The Clearwater County Sheriff's Department has approved her conduct and she's already got it back.

It isn't clear in the video if Michael Trappett intended to attack the officer, a use-of-force expert who was not familiar with the case but reviewed the video for NBC News said. [Officers] appeared to approach Trappett too fast, said Justin Nix, a professor of criminology at the University of Nebraska Omaha.

"It happens enough — officers rush in and make poor tactical choices," Nix said. "They have to shoot their way out to protect themselves."

He said he wasn't surprised that the shooting was determined to be justified because Trappett had an edged weapon. He said many in law enforcement embrace a theory known as the 21-foot rule: If a person has a knife and is within 21 feet, they can attack quicker than you can draw your gun and fire.

The theory isn't supported by strong evidence, he said. "But if you buy into that logic, why is the officer pursuing so closely?"

The video (embedded below) shows Brokop pursuing him closely in the dark, then blasting him with 9 or 10 shots as soon as he stops and turns. Her saying "well I guess I'm losing my gun again" is at 1:28 in and appears to follow one of the victim's distraught family members asking "why did you do that?"

When you call 911, you are summoning executioners.