Here's a wholesome dance video to brighten your Friday

To paraphrase the great and powerful George Carlin, we spend an inordinate amount of time discussing our differences. Why don't we discuss, with a similar level of zeal, the ways that we're similar? No matter how divergent our cultures or backgrounds are, there are some universal aspects of being human that we all share. In this era of rampant political and social division, it's admittedly difficult to remember, but it's still an incredibly valuable practice to employ. 

Of almost every art form, music and dance are easily the most unifying. Although the instruments used might vary from culture to culture and era to era, but the concepts of melody and harmony are universal. In the embedded video, a charming influencer encourages strangers to show him their favorite dances. After obliging the video's host, the strangers walk him through a quick dance lesson. Trust me; the video is a perfect little pick-me-up to end the work week.