The trailer for Netflix's Blonde looks tragic and glamorous

Do you ever feel like they made a movie specifically for you? Because that's how I've felt about Netflix's Blonde since they announced the project. I love Marilyn Monroe. That's a matter of public record. I would employ the Fry "shut up and take my money" meme here, but I'm already subscribed to Netflix, so the point is redundant. 

Monroe is the definitive cinematic "it girl". There have been film stars before and after her, but few have endured the decades like Monroe. The inherently compelling draw behind Monroe's angelic visage is the uncanny amount of tragedy she suffered in her personal life, which will undoubtedly provide ample narrative fodder for Blonde

Blonde represents a bold choice for Netflix, as the film holds an NC17 rating, making it the first of its kind for any streaming service. Check out the trailer in the video embedded above.