Thunderbirds are Go…again!

We fans of Gerry Anderson can't get enough of his Brit puppet shows. Even in a time of AI art, deep fake videos, and CGI technology breakthroughs, we still love his "Supermarination" (super + marionette + animation): old school puppets on strings combined with wacky practical effects. "Fireball XL5," "Stingray" and "Thunderbirds" were huge TV hits in the UK and USA in the 60s.  More recently they were featured in an episode of "Endeavour." Puppeteers who were locked down in the London apartment during COVID improvised household items to create all new puppet episodes of "Nebula-75." (go check those out on YouTube!) And now the 2014 documentary "Filmed in Supermarionation" has been issued on Blu-Ray with a companion book. Trailer here: