This Ultra-Discreet Bong Looks Just Like A Water Bottle

At this point, most people have no problem with a grown adult enjoying cannabis. It's 2022, not 1992. That being said, if you're a grown adult enjoying cannabis in 2022, it's probably time to ditch the goofy bongs that make you look like a cliché. If you're ready for something more grown-up and sophisticated, you need the Puffco Budsy.

Right now, it's a golden age for people who enjoy cannabis. According to the latest polls, 60 percent of U.S. adults think recreational marijuana should be legal. That includes 59 percent support from people aged 50-64, 65 percent support from people 30-49, and a whopping 70 percent support from people 18-29. 

However, when it comes to cannabis, there are times when you need to be discreet. These days you can be open about smoking weed, just like you're open about enjoing beer or sex. But you don't want a bong in the background of a work zoom any more than you want a bunch of empty beer bottles or condom wrappers. That's why the geniuses at Puffco designed the Puffco Budsy, a high-quality water pipe that looks exactly like a water bottle. 

Meet The Puffco Budsy

Originally launched as a gimmick for April Fool's Day, the Budsy quickly garnered a cult following among Puffco fans thanks to its brilliant incognito design. The water reservoir of this "pipe" is a standard high-density, BPA-free plastic water bottle. In fact, the Budsy water reservoir is completely interchangeable with the name-brand bottles you get from sporting goods stores. What makes the Budsy special is the lid.

The straw attached to the Puffco Budsy lid is actually a stem. At the base of the stem is a small disc that looks like it would be a water filter but is actually a percolator. Meanwhile, the flip-up spout is the mouthpiece, and underneath the mouthpiece is a recessed ceramic bowl. 

When not in use, this pipe looks like an ordinary water bottle, which means you can leave it sitting around your house, and no one will bat an eye. But because it's made from durable, shatterproof plastic, you can also take this bong with you on the go.

Not everybody who likes weed wants to advertise that fact with a psychedelic neon design aesthetic. If you want to get high while still keeping it low-key, order your Puffco Budsy today.