Check out Robocop in a bizarre Korean ad from the 90s

There was a weird period in the late 80s and early 90s where violent films were expected to cross over and become children's cartoons. I recall Rambo cartoon from the late 80s, existing about a decade before my parents would let me watch the movie. Robocop occupied a similar place in the culture. As a kid, I owned tons of Robocop merch and couldn't watch the film that inspired all of my swag. Admittedly, Robocop is significantly easier to market to kids than Rambo. In the mid-90s, Robocop even found his way to the wrestling world, thanks to WCW. 

However, WCW wasn't the oddest place that Robocop appeared in the 90s. In the video linked above, from Timecapsule's Instagram page, Robocop stars in a strange Korean ad. The entire video carries echoes of the classic Mr. Sparkle gag from The Simpsons– even though that particular commercial was lampooning Japanese ads.