Evil West looks like a blast

Like the landscape where most of the genre's stories are set, the Western genre is an arid plain. Hollywood will crank out a big-budget Western that serves as a love letter to the genre every few years, but Westerns are dead for the most part. As a devotee of the story form, it's a dagblasted shame; I tell you what. People that aren't well versed in the genre think all Western yarns are the same, but there isn't a story you can't tell with cowboys. And that goes double for Western stories that veer towards the supernatural. Enter: the Playstation game Evil West

Unlike its more realistic counterpart in the Red Dead Redemption series, Evil West embodies the "weird West" subgenre that so many Western fans have come to love. The game looks an absolute barnburner of a good time. Check out a few minutes of gameplay in the trailer embedded above.