"Weird Al" Yankovic shares unearthed footage from "Eat It" video

"Weird Al" Yankovic says his friend was recently digitizing footage from his "Eat It" video — his 1984 Grammy award-winning spoof of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" — and found this "insurance" take (below), which is a 3-minute-long shot of Yankovic's character battling junk food in his bedroom.

"Basically this is a take where the director just points the camera at the star of the video, who just does anything they feel like doing for the duration of the song," he explained on his YouTube page. "It's insurance, in case for some reason the production runs out of time and doesn't get all the shots they were hoping to get."

Although in character throughout as he improvs the scene, the fun really ramps up once the guitar solo breaks in.

For bedroom shot comparison's sake:

Front page thumbnail image: Bart Sherkow / shutterstock.com