Cheaper gas prices (and more!) await with this mind-blowing membership

Let's face it: Life is pretty expensive. And while we enjoy splurging on luxury goods, everyday necessities really shouldn't be breaking the bank. That's why memberships to retail warehouses are such a lifesaver. Suddenly, groceries, home goods, furniture, and more are all accessible and inexpensive. 

One of the best examples of this is Sam's Club — and right now, signing up is more affordable than ever. You can get a Sam's Club Plus Membership for 50% off: Only $50 for year-long access to the fantastic deals offered at this series of wholesale clubs, which are located all over the country and easily equal any other similar option found here. 

It's not just lower prices on everything from food to clothing to electronics you get with this Plus membership. Another perk is access to lower prices on hotels, rental cars, movies, attractions, and other live events when you (metaphorically) wave your Sam's Club Membership. Plus members also get Sam's Cash, 2% back on qualifying purchases in-club, which could help you earn up to $500 a year. Free shipping is available when you shop online, and if you'd like to visit the store without heading inside, curbside pickup is always free for Plus members. You also have savings at the pharmacy and — most excitingly at this time — at the gas pump.

That's right. With this membership, you get access to reduced gas prices at select locations. With how astronomical gas prices are lately, that $50 membership fee seems like a steal. Just ask The New York Times:

"With just under 600 locations spread across 44 states, it could be argued that Sam's Club deserves just as much fanfare as Costco. With a similar range of products, free samples that taste just as good, and a cheaper membership (!), Sam's Club offers advantages similar to those of its counterpart,"

Start saving now and buy a Sam's Club Plus Membership for 50% off now.

Prices subject to change.