Give your cat the gift of fully rechargeable entertainment with Cheerble

Having a pet at home is one of the great joys in life. Unfortunately, even though many of us work from home, we can't stay with furry friends all the time. Sometimes we have to venture outside and leave our pets at home. If you're lucky enough to have a cat waiting for you to return, the last thing you want is them to get bored while waiting, and this all-in-one interactive cat toy might be the perfect way to distract them.

The Cheerble Board Game is the ultimate cat toy that keeps your kitty busy and your furniture safe. This interactive toy aims to keep your cat engaged for hours, and it's on sale here for just $46 ($59 on Amazon). 

Cheerble is a self-contained, interactive playboard that can keep your cat entertained while keeping the playtime confined. The board features billiard-like holes that allow your cat to chase the ball, engaging their natural predatory instinct. It's layered in pet-friendly cardboard, which is great for scratching and saves your furniture from falling victim instead. And the ball itself is a rechargeable, intelligent robot that keeps your cat guessing where it'll go next. 

Those who brought home a Cheerble Board Game for their four-legged companions were blown away with just how much fun their cats can have with the setup, earning the toy hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon. "My cat has spent the last 40 minutes excitedly going after it in gentle mode (rolling). It's very quiet, especially compared to other robotic cat toys which is fantastic," writes one verified customer. "Within seconds, it gets out of most places it was stuck in. I haven't had to get up as much as any other toy to get it unstuck, which is nice! It's also very easy to get hair off of it!"

If you're looking for the perfect toy to keep your cat engaged while at work or just another super fun activity for them to do while you're home, look no further than the Cheerble Board Game, available now for $45.99.

Prices subject to change.