"God Hates NFTs" protest in New York City

Dozens of "God Hates NFTs" protestors showed up in New York City's SoHo neighborhood yesterday. Other signs spotted include "Crypto Is A Sin" and "Make Fiat Great Again." Video below. Unfortunately, the protest was a prank—albeit an ingenious one—staged by The Hundreds, a streetwear brand that has a new line of NFTs ('natch). The marketing stunt coincided with the NFT.NTC conference happening this week.

From AdAge:

This is not the first time The Hundreds, which was founded in 2003, has used marketing to troll on a grand scale. For last year's NFT.NYC conference, the brand took out a billboard in Times Square that read "NFTs are a scam," and printed t-shirts with the slogan. 

frontpage illustrative thumbnail image: marog – pixcells/Shutterstock