Here's an 80s version of the Mad Men intro

Mad Men is my favorite television show of all time. There's nothing about the show that doesn't work for me. When I first became a fan of Don Draper's morally depraved misadventures on Madison Avenue, I wasn't watching any other "adult" television shows. Adult animation, Cartoon Network originals, and a few live-action science fiction shows were the bulk of my television diet. Mad Men represented my first exposure to television that didn't rely on dragons, spaceships, or smoke monsters to keep the show's central premise buoyant. Mad Men's brilliant exploration of gender roles, capitalism, and the litany of existential questions one faces during adulthood single handily introduced me to "mature media." 

Although the 60s are the perfect setting for Mad Men, the show's themes are so timeless and salient that I think the series could easily function in any era. According to the video linked above, other people agree with my sentiment. Someone on the Mad Men subreddit linked a version of the intro with an 80s flair.